The natural progression of things implies dimensional growth alongside age. Baby booties segue into toddler shoes, then kiddie sizing, until one matures into the world of Louboutin and Nike—full size and full price. The same goes for houses: a starter apartment, then maybe a one-bedroom, condo, or bungalow, then a five-bedroom with a three-car garage! And so is the thought with mattresses. Traditionally you start with a crib. Then you graduate to a twin, and maybe a twin XL wedged into a college dorm. And then, voilà, a full-size bed that consumes your entire bedroom in your first apartment until that final upgrade to a queen or king presiding over your domestic bliss. But there’s actually more to take into consideration when deciding upon which mattress size is right for you. Size, both your own and your accommodations, might demand something different than tradition dictates.  As always, you come first. Your own personal length and girth are crucial determinants in the size of bed you will need. If you are on the larger side or happen to be a tall drink of water, a little twin ain’t gonna cut it. But if you have a smaller frame and typically sleep alone, a twin or twin XL can be a great fit. This can also leave you with a lot more elbow room in the room itself. It may be more challenging if you’re coupled, but even then, check your real estate. It’s always a trade-off in smaller domiciles: more room IN bed or more real estate when you’re up and at ’em.   And that brings us to what might be the most important consideration: how much room you want in your bedroom vs. how much room you need in your bed. Take good measurements of the actual room dimensions. Remember, you’ll most likely want easy access to all sides of the bed to change the linens. Nobody enjoys climbing all over, trying to tuck in that unruly fitted sheet. The illustration attached can give you a great idea of what size mattress accommodates what, so use that as a reference when you’re gearing up to make the big decision. There is always a lot to consider with these types of purchases. Still, with a little forward-thinking and a good measuring tape, you’ll end up with the mattress that will allow you to sleep easy on all levels.