What better gift can one give than a good night’s rest? And ’tis the season of generosity, so now is the best time to focus on thoughtful, useful, and meaningful gifts for those you know deserve them. Finding great gifts is an art, and some are better at it than others. We’ve compiled a list of sleep-oriented presents that would be suitable for almost anyone on your list, even if that someone is you.

1. If you are jonesing for a tech gift, one of the most novel innovations in the sleep industry is the Embr Wave. This ingenious wristband safely uses patented technology to send cooling or warming signals to the brain, in turn extending those sensations throughout your body. Gentle, soothing waves lull you to sleep at night, providing a deeper, more restorative sleep. Whether your intended giftee is a hot sleeper or a chilled one, this futuristic device is sure to help achieve more comfortable Zzz’s.

2. Everyone knows candles are the generic go-to gift when you can’t think of anything else to give someone. However, they are also almost universally appreciated, so they can actually be a lot more thoughtful and personalized than you might initially infer. Choose one with a scent specific to your recipient, and if you have the budget, one that is a little fancier than one they might get for themselves. You can also support your local economy by finding artisanal candles made nearby. Here in Connecticut, a fantastic option is Connecticut River Candles, which are made in the U.S.A. from hand-poured, non-GMO soy and fragrant essential oils in an array of enticing scents.

3. Does someone on your list have very curly or easy-to-tangle hair? A silky satin-lined sleeping cap or bonnet, like the luxurious silk-lined caps (A.K.A. “Slaps”) by Grace Eleyae, are designed to protect those very tresses. They are designed to be worn bed to protect your style overnight but fashionable and stylish enough to roll out in the morning into whatever activities one has planned for the day. The silky lining repels moisture, so more of it stays in your hair, keeping it supple, slips instead of sticking to hair eliminating tangling and breakage, and maintains your style in a protective cocoon while you doze.

4. A brand new set of sheets feels like none other, and it’s sometimes something people put off until their bedding is well past its prime. Sheets can really run the gamut in terms of materiality and price points, so work within your budget to find a gift-worthy option for your giftee. Most importantly, though: know their bed size!! Pay attention to any pillow talk to determine if you can discern a preference for cotton, silk, or satin; if that fails, flannel is a great cozy option for the winter months ahead that nearly everyone would appreciate.

5. If you’re not so keen on a full sheet set, a pair of pillowcases is an excellent gift. Again, these are easy to personalize to the recipient. Beauty-obsessed individuals might appreciate silk ones that reduce tugging skin, resulting in wrinkles, and are less absorbent than cotton, leaving precious facial oils and serums on skin rather than the case. An ecophile will love ones made from sustainable fibers like avocado or bamboo, and luxury gluttons have united over Brooklinen‘s 100% long-staple cotton, 480 thread count wonders. Their snug envelope-closures keep your pillow innards from sneaking outside their cases.

6. For the DIYers out there, potpourri pillow sachets made from soothing lavender are a beautiful, thoughtful, and natural holiday gift. Easy to make, just find lightweight, permeable linen, cotton, or mesh fabric to sew up neat little pockets, fill with dried lavender from a local farmer’s market, or that which you’ve put up from a summer harvest. Tie them up with satin ribbons, lace, or holiday-toned twine.

7. Nothing sets you up for a great night’s sleep better than an intense workout. Wildly popular are the in-home workout mirrors like Mirror or Tempo Studio. But do note: these are extravagant expenditures for both the gifter¬†and¬†giftee. Monthly subscription fees are required to access the almost infinite array of workouts, trainers, and classes, but you are almost guaranteed a well-earned snooze after these effective sweat sessions.

8. Few would look down their nose at a gorgeous, chunky knit throw blanket for winter snuggling and holiday post-prandial naps. Make sure the style reflects their tastes, though, and not yours. Would they prefer a more rustic style like that of Pendleton Woolen Mills or something sleeker or more tailored? Perhaps if you are crafty, you could make a homemade blanket, making it that much more special. Blankets are a great gift any way you go, especially as it’s one-size-fits-all and come in almost any price range.

9. For sensitive types, a combination air purifier and humidifier makes a wonderful gift to clean the air of dust and toxins and create a moister bedroom microclimate to ease winter dryness. The Boneco W200 Air Washer offers a relatively affordable version, while Dyson” s Pure Humidify + Cool Purifying machine nudges up on $800. If both of those options are out of your spending allowance, try a beautiful air-purifying houseplant. A prolific spider plant or the quick-growing snake plant are great varietals and the easy-to-care-for Z.Z. plant (Zamioculcus Zamifolia) require a less vibrant green thumb.

10. Socks and sleep masks have often found themselves as stocking stuffers, but if you want to bring them front and center, try looking for ones that offer more than the obvious. Socks infused with aloe or shea butter have moisturizing qualities and wearing them while you sleep not only keeps your toes warm but helps to replenish moisture lost during the day. These types of socks help dry winter feet feel soft and smooth. You can also find dual purpose with sleep masks too. Not only will you keep the light out, but there are masks out there with cooling and warming properties. These can help alleviate headaches or tension and prep you for a sound sleep. There are even ones like Eyeology that massage your temples and make you feel like you are at the spa. Think outside the box…or stocking, should we say?

Overall, it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, but if you haven’t started yet, we hope these ideas will give you the inspiration you need. Just remember, it’s always the thought that counts.