One might question the importance of investing too much energy in beautifying your bedroom. After all, while you spend approximately one-third of your life there, most of those hours are pitch black and behind closed eyelids. So why bother, you might ask? You should bother because it is both the last thing you see before wafting off into dreamland and the first inspiration you behold upon waking each and every day. So making your bedroom and all its accouterments appealing and attractive to your sensibilities is really of vital importance to your total wellbeing.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so decorating your bedroom should both appeal to your own personal aesthetic while abiding by practicality. You want a combination of streamlined Zen, with colors and shapes that are relaxing, sleek, and sleep-conducive. That said, if you find psychedelic paisleys relaxing, knock yourself out. But for the most part, people gravitate towards soothing neutrals for the bedroom, so whites and ecrus are a great place to start. Also, given the frequency of required washing for bed linens and coverlets, hues that can handle a rigorous laundry schedule without fading are ideal. White is a no-brainer, the easiest and most versatile colorway, not to mention its affinity with bleach, which is often a necessity from time to time.

White is also a great backdrop for any colors, prints, patterns, and textures you choose to accent your decor. Once you have the fundamentals intact, like a solid frame, the ideal mattress, and plush pillows, decide upon your design aesthetic. Necessities like pillows, cases, and throws are perfect places to show off your individual pizzazz without adding clutter. A bed skirt is a great place to add a pop of color without taking up space. Throws and comforters provide an almost infinite array of options, from boho cozy to sleek modernist. From a clean, simple, and spartan white cotton surface to snuggly chunky, colorful knit blankets, covers are one of the most prominent features of your bedroom and an excellent vehicle to show your own personal style. These can also provide specific tactile pleasures, all a part of determining the style and vibe you want to portray in your sleeping quarters.

The quantity of pillows is a hotspot of controversy: some people appreciate the abundance of decorative pillows in addition to the necessary ones, but especially if your sleeping quarters are on the smaller side, it’s best to keep these things to a minimum, or at least to the number of pillows that you will actually use. Any more can actually give the impression of filling up a room and making it seem even smaller than it actually is. A great way to visually enlarge a room is with mirrors. They don’t give you any actual additional square footage, but the reflected area can give the illusion of airier digs. Always keep an eye out for proportion so that your final design exudes balance, which is an ideal mind-settling arrangement with which to surround yourself before hitting the hay.

And while it takes some effort, making your bed each morning is purported to be a common practice of “successful” people. So when you’re pulling up those sheets over your mattress fresh from the laundry, make sure you have the finished side down, so when you fold the upper edge over the top of your comforter or quilt, it is the nicely hemmed border you see. And without getting too Fengshui, neatness and organization should be a primary design focus. Even if you decide decorating your pad isn’t a priority for you, keeping your space tidy is of major importance. Fold your p.j.s under your pillow, close all the bureau drawers, and align your slippers next to your bed. Little attentions like these make a big difference and will help your bedroom design feel more polished.

Ultimately, you want your bedroom to be the interior decor version of your true self. You will feel the most comfortable and at ease in that environment, which is obviously the most conducive state of mind for sleep. A bedroom design that you are proud of in your waking hours AND helps you nod off after they have expired? Win-win.